How many of us really accept ourselves for who we are, warts and all and are comfortable with this? Does self-acceptance equal success? By self-acceptance I refer to the subjective personal feeling of satisfaction with one’s being regardless of past mistakes, ill-advised behaviours, and bad choices. It’s about accepting your slip-ups, faults, the things you Read More


Recognising the Psychological Effects of Conditioning: Working with Feelings and Emotions to Release Inner pain and Unearth the Real Self

Many of us grew up in environments where we were taught to behave and feel in a certain way. If we dared protest, we were punished in unpleasant ways, thus cementing our acceptance and conformity to our programming which I will refer to as ‘mental conditioning’. Punishment could be in the form of shaming, yelling, Read More


Learning To Wait

Are you able to trust the celestial being to let your true dreams come through? In this blog, I will interchangeably refer to the celestial being as God. Learning to wait means operating on God’s timeline, not yours. It means being in tune with the God inside you and aligning yourself to the tempo of Read More


Being able to really see the self

Many of us think we know ourselves and have clarity about who we really are and what is happening around us. But do we? The book, A Course In Miracles, points out our physical eyes only see our material projections, which are an outward expression of our internal landscape and perceptions. “You see what you Read More