Cultivating Peace and Hope

Healing from Anxiety and Depression Through Reflection and Introspection

Born into a middle-class, well-educated family in Botswana in the 50s, Anna Choongo tells the story of how the trials and triumphs of her upbringing and subsequent life in Australia shaped her life and outlook.

She provides an inspiring account of positive life experiences, including education and career achievements. However, she also candidly shares how her underlying childhood trauma and harrowing personal experiences manifested as adult anxiety and depression.

Episodes triggered by a range of issues—including societal and family expectations, recurring miscarriages, and family illness—left her struggling to find and accept herself.

Anna found that people misconstrued the tell-tale symptoms of anxiety and depression as rebelliousness or needless worry. Her ability to heal was thwarted by the expectation of well-meaning friends and family— “get over it” and “get on with life” were messages she often heard.

Eventually, she learned that dealing with anxiety and depression requires being honest about the condition. This honesty is tough, ugly, and takes courage—it exposes our most vulnerable side, but it is important for healing. Keeping our true feelings bottled in does not make the pain magically disappear.

Cultivating Peace and Hope shares gentle suggestions for dealing with anxiety by engaging it rather than running away from it. By facing her demons, Anna found strength, resilience, and determination to heal. Through this book, she hopes to share this simple wisdom with you.